Why Infrastructure as a Service

The way in which businesses want to consume their technology now matches how they consume services in their personal life; fast deliveries, pay-as-go, instant downloads, leasing and renting.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a UK hosted secure enterprise grade cloud platform. Specifically built to run business applications and supported by our cloud experts. The platform is powered by Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure.

Our cloud service has been designed from the ground up for enterprise IT, providing the performance, scalability and security modern businesses demand from their IT infrastructure. We’ve taken the key benefits of public cloud offerings and brought them into a simple, fixed price offering.

Infrastructure as a Service is a 100% channel focused service from Exclusive Networks

Putting the Infrastructure First

We are now in a time when disruptive technology isn’t enough for your customers business, you need to disrupt how they consume it, how they pay for it, how they budget for it.

IaaS enables end users to move core network functionality into one easy to manage service.

Compute, Storage, Network and Virtualisation all in one place.

Hosted in a BT Exact standard datacentre, IaaS allows your customer to reduce their hardware footprint onsite. The design of our solution architecture also brings the cost of adoption down for the smaller customer.

What is Hyper-converged Infrastructure?

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) combines common datacentre hardware using locally attached storage resources with intelligent software to create flexible building blocks that replace legacy infrastructure consisting of separate servers, storage networks, and storage arrays.

Benefits include:

  • Lower TCO,
  • Increased performance,
  • Greater productivity within IT teams

Today, HCI is the infrastructure of choice for companies that want to stay competitive and ensure their datacentres are cloud ready.

The benefits of moving from complex legacy infrastructure to the simplicity of hyperconvergence are many, but among the top reason’s organisations make the switch are lower costs, improved, consistent performance, a smaller datacentre footprint, greater efficiency and productivity in IT teams, and maximized infrastructure ROI.

With IaaS you can now offer Small to Medium Enterprises hosting opportunities where Nutanix HCI is desired.

To learn more about IAAS, you can download the materials below…