What challenges does IaaS help solve?

People are consuming technology more and more “as a service”.

The conversation is changing. It is becoming outcome focused.

What do they want to achieve? What is the strategic business outcome? How can you help them deliver it?

The answer is of course to have a cloud approach but also to ensure you solve the issues of complexity, cost and resource.

Cloud Skills Gap

An end user may not have cloud or virtualisation experience, yet the organisation is keen to progress to cloud for business continuity or for a variety of reasons. IaaS can provide managed cloud hosting with public and private cloud capabilities with a simple to use interface.

Real Estate

Space for a data centre, with rack, cooling and other resources to power and keep the lights on is no longer needed. It is also often extremely expensive to rent out square footage space with the right quality checks.

Business Continuity

Ensuring business operations continue under various circumstances can be exceptionally difficult, sometimes requiring duplicate equipment and an additional physical location. IaaS can provide a means of extending existing infrastructure or provisioning new resource to support business needs. This could even extend to a simple remote desktop / access solution.

Cash Flow

Predictable ongoing costs help match business growth to IT spend. Having a fixed monthly bill instead of an upfront Capex purchase or a fluctuating cloud bill which may change from month to month, day to day.


Enable businesses to have the ability to scale without compromising their budgets.

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