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Is your Security Ready
For Primetime?


Identifying and stopping sophisticated attacks requires using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning across all your customers’ data. Current approaches leave data hidden in siloes across their security infrastructure, limiting the effectiveness of analytics. As data continues to grow, legacy hardware-based deployments can’t scale, which introduces operational burdens and high costs—all with limited capacity that makes useful data unwieldy or unavailable.

Cortex Data Lake enables AI-based innovations for cybersecurity with the industry’s only approach to normalising and stitching together your customers’ data. They get public cloud scale and locations with assurance of the security and privacy of their data. Data Lake can:

  • Radically simplify your customers’ security operations by collecting, integrating, and normalising their enterprise’s security data.
  • Effortlessly run advanced AI and machine learning with cloud-scale data and compute.
  • Constantly learn from new data sources to evolve their defences.

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