Infoblox Security Webinar


In order to do anything on any IT network including the internet the first thing that happens is a DNS (Domain Name System) request is sent to the DNS infrastructure in order to get the IP address of the e-mail/application server. Without DNS, simply nothing can happen. As it turns out, a DNS packet contains a payload part which can contain any kind of data even if irrelevant to the DNS request itself and therefore can be used as a transport mechanism to carry control or other messages inside the DNS packet.

Bad actors are aware of this, and a study from Cisco shows that over 90 percent of malware uses the DNS to carry out malicious campaigns. Both enterprise and government security experts are now increasingly focused on this attack vector.

Join Infoblox for this Security Webinar to learn how the Internet’s DNS is being used by bad actors to enable ransomware, advance persistent threats (APTs) and domain generation algorithms (DGAs). How to stop all three using DNS as an enforcement point in combination with a DDI platform that provides good network visibility.

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