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Environmental Policy Statement

It is the policy of Exclusive Networks to practice a public commitment towards the environment. The company recognises its responsibility to utilise products that meet recognised environment criteria and to use them in a way that recognises an environmental social commitment.

Exclusive Networks shall ensure this by fulfilling objectives, which are:

  • We will seek to minimise the use of non-renewable materials.
  • We will control emissions to air, land and water using the principles of Best in breed Technology
  • We will be a responsible employer and good neighbour.
  • We will manage our operations and processes in a way, which respects and protects the environment while preventing pollution.
  • Our operations will conform to current legislation and competent internal personnel will monitor compliance annually.
  • We will be committed to the continual improvement of our environmental performance.
  • Ensure all our confidential waste is recycled and retain all waste transfer notes for at least 2 years and abide by the WEEE directive.
  • Ensure all printer cartridges and copier toners get recycled.
  • Ensure non-conforming products are identified, segregated and properly disposed of.
  • Ensure all non-conformance in products is investigated to prevent future recurrence.
  • Ensure a register of all environmental aspects and impacts is maintained.
  • Ensure checks are made regularly for updates to environmental legislation.

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