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Immunity at the endpoint
Grant it. Prove it. Sell it.


Find out how SentinelOne can work together with other elements of the Exclusive Networks portfolio to provide businesses with complete security and peace of mind.

Total endpoint protection for security without compromise.
The best next-generation endpoint protection approaches are ones which address the entire threat execution lifecycle with a combination of prevention, detection and response capabilities. That’s why SentinelOne and Fortinet have partnered on a joint solution to deliver unparalleled security protection across networked, application, cloud and mobile environments. Get the highest levels of security protection with unparalleled performance via the combination of SentinelOne’s next generation endpoint security solution with the Fortinet FortiGate® firewall platform leveraging the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Slide deck: SentinelOne Connector Launch Fortinet Fabric Ready Partner

Datasheet: Fortinet and SentinelOne Integrated Security Solution

Whitepaper: Why you need endpoint protection and firewalls working together for true security

Case Study

Exabeam’s partnership with SentinelOne allows customers to ingest threat and incident data directly from SentinelOne into the Exabeam, Security Management Platform to baseline normal behaviour. Customers can combine that data with data from other IT and security solutions to provide security solutions to provide security analysts with greater visibility against advanced attacks.
Exabeam can also trigger automated incident response for compromised endpoints using the SentinelOne API. By gathering all related events into Exabeam Smart Timelines, analysts can automatically reconstruct the events underlying security incidences.

Datasheet: Exabeam Security Management Platform Integrations

LogRhythm and SentinelOne provide an integrated enterprise security solution to prevent, detect and respond to threats in your environment. LogRhythm’s security analytics automatically incorporate rich endpoint telemetry from SentinelOne, enabling real-time cyberthreat protection and providing analytics in depth for comprehensive security monitoring.

Solution Brief: LogRhythm and SentinelOne: Integrated Enterprise Security

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