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Immunity at the endpoint
Grant it. Prove it. Sell it.

Solution Spotlight

Life is full of surprises and modern attacks are becoming more prevalent than ever. Malware can infect a system using nothing but the binaries already on the system itself, and ransomware can encrypt files, causing massive disruptions to business.

The problem? Dependency. Depending on the cloud increases dwell time and depending on connectivity is too late in the game, as malicious activity can infect, damage and remove itself in seconds. This dependency makes today’s EDR tools passive, relying on operators and services after it’s already too late.

Enter ActiveEDR – a holistic endpoint solution that provides modern detection and prevention capabilities. Going beyond traditional antivirus and EDR solutions, ActiveEDR allows security teams to quickly understand the story and root behind threat actors and respond without relying on cloud resources:

  • Track everything: evaluate the impact of any threat with visual diagrams
  • Contextualise and identify in real time: See into encrypted network traffic without pushing certificates or expensive SSL appliances
  • Hunt Threats with TrueContext: understand the story and root cause behind threat actors
  • Respond and rollback: respond to threats without relying on the cloud with deep visibility into every operation on the agent

Contextualise, detect and remediate advanced attacks
ActiveEDR tracks and contextualises everything on a device, identifying malicious acts in real time, automating the required responses and allowing easy threat hunting by searching on a single IOC.

Enhance autonomous threat hunting for security team of all skill levels
ActiveEDR allows advanced SOC analysts, novice security teams and anyone challenged with monitoring and protecting every edge of their network – from the endpoint to the cloud – to automatically remediate threats and defend against advanced attacks.

Identify root cause and mitigate every story element without exception
The work is done by the agent on the endpoint, removing the need to manually assemble data into a meaningful story. TrueContext saves valuable time by presenting fully and contextually assemble stories, allowing security teams to decisively understand the root cause behind a threat.

Autonomously execute in real time without cloud connectivity
ActiveEDR is able to prevent, detect and respond to advanced attack regardless of delivery vectors, essentially reducing dwell time to run time.

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