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The highest standard of technical education


At Exclusive Networks UK, we offer the highest standard of technical education. Onsite, remote and virtual education programmes delivering twin-track benefits to channel partners who understand the value of accredited skills to bothcustomers and their own personnel alike.

Take a look at our extensive training dates across the year for the following vendors and courses:

Fortinet Courses

Providing Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for data centres and enterprises, Fortinet offers network security and advanced threat protection and detection.

Fortinet Network Security Academy (FNSA) has been designed to offer Fortinet training opportunities, providing you with industry-recognised certifications to help you become part of a team of skilled security professionals.

Each Fortinet course aims to prepare you for a successful career in network security, providing you with in-demand skills to help protect networks from cyber threats, as well as preparation for the related examinations. With each course, you will gain a certification that validates your skills and experience, as well as demonstrating your value to current and future employees.

With several courses to choose from, Fortinet training is delivered through a combination of theoretical lectures and hands-on laboratory practice. Get to grips with each of the Fortinet training courses with Exclusive Networks.


Palo Alto Networks Courses

With a mission to protect modern life in the digital age, Palo Alto Networks protects thousands of enterprises worldwide. Safeguarding digital systems and preventing cyber-attacks, by combining the latest security, automation and analytics with their pioneering security operating platform.

Palo Alto Networks Education organisation helps you expand your knowledge and skills around network security, providing you with certification and accreditation. This certification provides additional assurance of your ability to operate and manage the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform.

Each training course will provide critical skills to help towards developing infrastructure, mitigating threats and preventing cyber-attacks. Industry-leading content and professional certifications can be achieved through on-site expert instruction through our high-quality training sessions.

Covering all aspects of the security operating platform, our certified and authorised instructors will teach a broad range of cybersecurity topics, ensuring you are fully prepared to take exams to achieve formal, industry recognised certifications. Learn about each of the Palo Alto training courses provided through Exclusive Networks.


Nutanix Courses

Built on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), Nutanix solutions simplify IT operations and provide public cloud benefits, alongside the private cloud control, performance and security that organisations need.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Administration 5.5 is an instructor-led training course that incorporates interactive labs to ensure you gain a working knowledge of what a Nutanix administrator carries out on the job. Ideal for anyone who is responsible for the day-to-day management, installation or support of a Nutanix cluster, or if you’re seeking preparation for the Nutanix Platform Professional, our course will walk you through the complete process of setting up, configuring and maintaining a Nutanix environment.

Nutanix training teaches basic concepts of the Enterprise Cloud Platform, including racking a Nutanix block, installing and configuring a cluster, and use of a different interface to manage the cluster. As well as this, you will also cover management of VMs in Acropolis, monitoring the health and performance of a cluster, how to optimise and protect data, and performance in-place hypervisor conversion. Throughout the training course, you will use Nutanix’s Prism interface to monitor and manage multiple activities across clusters, review and analyse resource needs, and assess future resource requirements. Learn more about each of the individual Nutanix courses we provide.


Infoblox Courses

Infoblox delivers critical network services to a wide range of organisations to protect against malware and cyber-attacks, ensuring the reliability of enterprise and service provider networks is stable. Reducing the risk and complexity of networking, Infoblox are recognised as leaders in core network services, including Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and IP address management (IPAM).

Expert learning to lead you on a path to success, Infoblox education will provide a unique learning solution to fit your capabilities, schedule and style. These instructor-led courses include lectures, demos and hands-on exercises, so you can gain experience in real-life scenarios to gain the confidence needed to succeed with Infoblox in your organisation.

Infoblox training courses have been designed to help you ensure you can deploy Infoblox smoothly and ensure you can easily operate and maintain the network over time. Once you have finished your Infoblox course, you can take the corresponding accreditation exam to achieve your certification. Explore each of our Infoblox training solutions for you and your business with Exclusive Networks.


Forescout Courses

Forescout supports enterprises and government agencies with their unified security platform to reduce cyberthreats and operational risk. They strive to improve cyber security in as many organisations as possible, helping to identify, understand, and manage risks and threats that come with evolving device ecosystems.

Exclusive Networks offer Forescout Administrator Training (FSCA) and certification, which allows students to learn how to establish security policies using Forescout tools. This four-day course will include hands-on labs in a simulated IT environment, so students can learn how the Forescout platform monitors and protects enterprise networks.

Forescout believe trained professionals are critical components to successful solutions, which is why they have highly-trained, certified instructors to deliver their training courses. Covering the practical skills needed for configuring and maintaining the Forescout platform, the course provides hands-on exercises and labs in a simulated IT environment, to teach you how to design and deploy security policies using all available tools.

Each day of training covers different topics, providing you with the information and knowledge required to be a highly skilled administrator, allowing organisations to deliver the capabilities of the Forescout platform in a complex customer environment. Once successfully completed, the exam passed, you will be awarded a certification that shows you have the expertise to support the Forescout platform successfully in an enterprise environment. Learn more about the Forescout training provided with Exclusive Networks below.


Gemalto Courses

Gemalto (now a Thales company) is a provider of data protection and helps to secure and protect valuable data and assets for large organisations. Gemalto offer solutions to securely authenticate users and encrypt data at rest and in motion, as well as managing encryption keys.

Exclusive Networks offers training on Safenet Trusted Access, the Identity and Access Management solution used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Offering on-site training in our training centres, or on your premises if there are sufficient numbers, this course has been specifically designed to provide information and knowledge to those securing access to critical systems, whilst also providing a certification to prove assurance of your ability to operate and manage Gemalto security systems.


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