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Forescout Courses

Forescout supports enterprises and government agencies with their unified security platform to reduce cyberthreats and operational risk. They strive to improve cyber security in as many organisations as possible, helping to identify, understand, and manage risks and threats that come with evolving device ecosystems. Exclusive Networks offer Forescout Administrator Training (FSCA) and certification, which allows students to learn how to establish security policies using Forescout tools. This four-day course will include hands-on labs in a simulated IT environment, so students can learn how the Forescout platform monitors and protects enterprise networks. Forescout believe trained professionals are critical components to successful solutions, which is why they have highly-trained, certified instructors to deliver their training courses. Covering the practical skills needed for configuring and maintaining the Forescout platform, the course provides hands-on exercises and labs in a simulated IT environment, to teach you how to design and deploy security policies using all available tools. Each day of training covers different topics, providing you with the information and knowledge required to be a highly skilled administrator, allowing organisations to deliver the capabilities of the Forescout platform in a complex customer environment. Once successfully completed, the exam passed, you will be awarded a certification that shows you have the expertise to support the Forescout platform successfully in an enterprise environment. Learn more about the Forescout training provided with Exclusive Networks below.

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