Infoblox Core DDI Configuration & Administration Course (CDCA)

The Core DDI Configuration & Administration Course (CDCA) combines instructor-led training and interactive labs to build a working in-depth knowledge of how to configure and manage Infoblox network appliances running Infoblox NIOS operating system.
Network fundamentals such as forward and reverse mapping DNS zones, DNS views; DHCP networks, custom options, ranges and fixed addresses; and visually manage the IP space using IPAM; performing Grid management, including system and protocol level monitoring, remote authentication, and NIOS upgrades all provide a solid understanding of how to integrate and maintain Infoblox’s Core DDI product. Implementation of advanced NIOS features is also covered including dynamic DNS with TSIG and GSSTSIG, DNSSEC zone signing and validation, DNS Anycast, and DHCP failover.

Target Audience
The CDCA course is intended for anyone responsible for the implementation, administration, operations, maintenance, support, and day-to-day management of an Infoblox Core DDI product. This includes system administrators, network administrators, installers, sales engineers, systems engineers, professional services engineers (presales and post sales), and technical support professionals.
Anyone planning on taking the Core DDI Advanced Troubleshooting course (CDAT) is required to complete this course before attending the CDAT course.

Course Overview

1. Who is this course designed for?

The course is designed for anyone who is configuring, managing or maintaining an Infoblox Grid

2. What are the main subjects covered?

The subjects covered include Grid Configuration, Management, Maintenance along with DHCP, DNS and DNS Security Extensions, IP Address Management

3. What are the main skills, knowledge or capabilities that course participants will take away? In other words, what will they be able to do afterwards that they couldn’t do before?

An improved understanding of the Infoblox DDI technology and how to make better use of the Infoblox appliances purchased or going to be purchased.

4. Will course participants gain certification by completing the course?

Students can sit the CDCA Exam which is included in the course cost

5. What are the main benefits to businesses whose employees complete this course?

Student Comment “It really helped me to understand the concepts I needed to improve my knowledge and apply it to my job”

6. Why choose this course and course provider?

Student comment “ ….has been a great teacher, providing solid information and helping me with all questions about our organisation.”

Date Location Duration Seats Reminder
07/03/2022 Online Instructor Led 5 Days 8 + Google | + Ical
14/03/2022 Online Instructor Led 5 Days 6 + Google | + Ical
16/05/2022 Online Instructor Led 5 Days 8 + Google | + Ical
04/07/2022 Online Instructor Led 5 Days 8 + Google | + Ical
05/09/2022 Online Instructor Led 5 Days 8 + Google | + Ical
14/11/2022 Online Instructor Led 5 Days 8 + Google | + Ical

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