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Nutanix® Enterprise Cloud Platform Administration 5.15


The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Administration 5.15 course combines instructor-led training and interactive labs to build a working knowledge of all tasks that a Nutanix administrator performs on the job. The course walks through the complete process of setting up, configuring, and then maintaining the environment. Basic concepts of the Enterprise Cloud Platform such as racking a Nutanix block, installing and configuring a cluster, and use of a different interface to manage the cluster will be covered. Management of VMs in Acropolis, monitoring cluster health and performance, protecting data and optimising cluster capacity, and performance in-place hypervisor conversion will also be covered along with the use of Nutanix’s Prism interface to monitor and manage multiple activities across clusters, review and analyse resource needs, and assess future resource requirements.

Target Audience

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platforms intended for anyone who anyone who is responsible for the day to day management, installation, or support of a Nutanix cluster in a datacentre or anyone seeking baseline preparation for the Nutanix Platform Professional (NPP).This includes managers and technical staff seeking more information before making a purchase decision.

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Date Time Location Seats Calendar Links
01/02/2021 4 Days Online 4 Google Ical
29/03/2021 4 Days Online 4 Google Ical
28/06/2021 4 Days TBC 6 Google Ical
08/11/2021 4 Days TBC 4 Google Ical

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