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Age of XDR

XDR – What is it?

The primary goal of XDR is to increase detection accuracy to improve operational efficiency and productivity. It’s a solution that combines alerts on email, end point, cloud and network into a singular manageable incident.

But how does this affect you? What can you gain from considering an XDR solution on your portfolio?
Thank you for your interest in joining our alliance in the UK.

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Language: English
Date: June 14th TBC
Location: London TBC
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Our speakers:

Luk Schoonaert, CISO at Exclusive Networks

We’re not shying away from this, we’ve adopted the alliance ourselves and want to show you how! Luk is our CISO and will join us with over 20 years of experience in Cyber Security, DDOS, Firewalling, Zero Day Threat prevention, Web and E-mail security gateways, Advanced Persistent Threats and Incident Response, DFIR, Threat Hunting, Red Teaming, Adversary Simulation, Forensics and UEBA.

Brian Wagner

Expert technologist, security and compliance professional and keynote speaker, Brian Wagner is the former Head of Compliance EMEA at Amazon Web Services. Brian is an internationally renowned speaker and we cannot wait to pick his brains on XDR.

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    Sentinel One

    Sat in the first defence front end of our solution in the data collecting hub of the alliance is Sentinel One. Detecting threats on end point and servers. No missed detections with 100% visibility over these devices.


    Joining Sentinel One in the data collecting hub is ExtraHop, utilising full visibility to detect more of what could be hiding and looks at SaaS and cloud apps not approved by company – it’ll find hidden threats you didn’t know were there.


    Another collector of telemetry data in the front end is Netskope, offering full control over cloud services and what users are doing in cloud platforms.


    Providing full context behind these alerts is Exabeam, what happened before, after? What is the connection? The target and where did they originate? Exabeam will help you to make sense and automate responses.

    We have created some XDR assets for you, please download them below:

    XDR overview


    Disney+ Subscription

    We have 20, annual subscriptions to give away as a thank you for the first 20 people who register and attend an event.

    If you sign up within the top 20 and not attend, you will forfeit your subscription. We will create a waitlist and let you know if you are on the list. There will be 4 allocated to each event.