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Cyber Attack Remediation and Mitigation.

Cyber Attack Remediation and Mitigation (CARM) is an integrated solution platform only available via Exclusive Networks.

CARM’s unique platform seamlessly brings together Vendor technologies in a complete, fully demonstrable end-to-end solution so that Reseller Partners can enable their enterprise customers to identify, contain, respond, remediate and mitigate the impact of security breaches.

CARM adds reaction to existing detection and protection topologies, to help organizations downgrade successful attacks into manageable threats. With our Cyber Attack Remediation and Mitigation solution they can:

  • Leverage legacy security investments to deliver a ‘post-breach’ solution
  • Simplify the way security incidents are monitored and mitigated
  • Spot abnormalities and reconfigure defences in real-time
  • Interrogate devices, systems and applications throughout a multi-vendor infrastructure
  • Automatically detect a breach; stop it spreading, and adapt defences to prevent similar attacks

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