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Cyber Attack Remediation and Mitigation (CARM)

Cyber Attack Remediation and Mitigation (CARM) is an integrated solution platform only available via Exclusive Networks.

Cyber Attack Remediation and Mitigation’s (CARM) unique platform seamlessly brings together Vendor technologies in a complete, fully demonstrable end-to-end solution. Reseller Partners can enable their enterprise customers to identify, contain, respond, remediate and mitigate the impact of security breaches.

CARM adds reaction to existing detection and protection topologies. It helps organizations downgrade successful attacks into manageable threats. With our Cyber Attack Remediation and Mitigation solution they can:

  • Leverage legacy security investments to deliver a ‘post-breach’ solution
  • Simplify the way security incidents are monitored and mitigated
  • Spot abnormalities and reconfigure defenses in real-time
  • Interrogate devices, systems, and applications throughout a multi-vendor infrastructure
  • Automatically detect a breach; stop it spreading, and adapt defenses to prevent similar attacks

CARM: a seamless end-to-end security platform

Market forecasts are predicting the number of connected online devices will grow to exponential numbers over time. As a result, the threat landscape that companies navigate through will only become more treacherous. It will only be harder to protect a company’s assets, identify real threats and respond with appropriate action.

With their data, finances and reputations at stake, companies need a comprehensive cybersecurity solution platform for their defense. Fortunately, Exclusive Networks’ CARM solution provides a much-needed seamless end-to-end security platform. It is based on vendor technologies from Exclusive Networks’ vast catalog of cybersecurity partners.

Exclusive Network’s CARM (Cyber Attack Remediation and Mitigation) enables enterprise IT customers to identify, contain, respond, and immediately remediate and mitigate the impact of breached security defenses using best-of-breed cybersecurity tools.

CARM targets three core objectives

CARM targets three core objectives to help IT build the Cyber Attack Remediation and Mitigation solution needed to combat growing dangerous threats:

  • Prevention: The first objective is to protect a network from incoming threats. Frontline cybersecurity products and services like NG and web application firewalls from Fortinet and Infoblox, encryption from Gemalto, email protection and endpoint security from Proofpoint and Palo Alto can prevent a broad range of incoming attacks and avoid dangerous security breaches.
  • Detection: Knowing how and when a business is being attacked, who is attacking and what is at stake is important, particularly when protecting key company assets. Using Exclusive Network’s CARM solution, company IT can turn to solutions like SIEM from LogRhythm, endpoint response from SentinelOne, CASB from Imperva and PIM from Exabeam to discover and identify what cybersecurity threat is faced.
  • Reaction: Timing is critical when IT responds to a cyberattack and knowing what to do next is critical. Once notification is received and confirmed, a threat needs to be stopped, investigated and removed before further damage could be done. Under CARM, IT departments can use products for endpoint response from Tanium, network response from Tufin and SIEM from Exabeam.

By using Exclusive Networks’ CARM cybersecurity solution platform, company IT departments gain the confidence, awareness and agility to securely protect their networks.

Want to learn more about CARM (Cyber Attack Remediation and Mitigation)? Please contact our team.

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