Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

This four day training itinerary readies participants for the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) examination. Students of the CISA course at BridgingMinds in Singapore will be provided with a conducive learning environment. Therein, the required core skill sets and information that an information systems audit will need can be methodically absorbed.

On course completion, students will be armed with the core knowledge and competencies that make a thoroughbred Information Systems Auditor. Additionally, CISA examination candidates will benefit from undergoing the exam oriented approach that BridgingMinds focuses on. Hence, they will be more than adequately ready to ace the test.Some of the core CISA competencies are as follows…

Certification Prerequisites
Examination information
Certification Application
Certification Maintenance and Renewal

IS Audit Process:
IS Audit Process Objective
IS Audit Process Tasks
Developing an IS Audit Strategy
Planning Audits
Conducting Audits
Communication of Risks and results
Independent Advise Provision

IT Governance:
Evaluation of IT Governance
Evaluation of IT Organisation Structures
Evaluation of IT Strategy
Evaluation of Policies, standards and procedures
Evaluation of Management Practices for compliance
Evaluation of IT Resource Investments
Evaluation of IT Contracting Strategies, Policies and Practices
Evaluation of Risk Management Practices
Evaluation of Monitoring and Assurance Practices

Systems and Infrastructure Lifecycle:
Evaluation of Business Case
Evaluation of Project Management and Project Governance
Conducting Project Reviews
Conducting Control Evaluations
Evaluation of Systems Development, Acquisition and Testing
Evaluation of Business Readiness
Conducting Post Implementation Reviews
Conducting Periodic Reviews
System and Infrastructure Maintenance Evaluation
Evaluation of Disposal Processes

IT Service Delivery:
Service Level Management
Operations Management
Data Administration Practices
Capacity and Performance Management
Change, Configuration and Release Management
Problem and Incident Management
IT Infrastructure

Protection of Information Assets:
Logical Access Controls
Network Infrastructure Security
Environment Security
Physical Security
Controls over Confidential Assets

Continuity and Disaster Recovery:
Backup and Recovery Practices
Disaster Recovery Planning
Business Continuity Planning

Examination Preparation and Techniques:
Tips and Hints

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