Stakeholder Management

Enables business professionals to develop the skills necessary to deal with a different stakeholder relationships and demands related to a project or business goal.

1. Course Overview

Assumed Skills & Knowledge Assessment Requirements
Assessment Methods
Assessment Duration & Ratio Assessment Schedule
Learning Outcomes

2. Introduction to Stakeholder Management

Project Outcomes
Project Stakeholders
Project Stakeholders
Why manage stakeholders?
How to manage stakeholders?

3. Identify Stakeholders and Understand their Expectations & Requirements
Preparation for Stakeholder Identification

Identify Stakeholders
Collect Stakeholders’ Expectations/Requirements
Prepare for Elicitation
Elicitation Activity
Document Elicitation Results
Confirm Elicitation Results
Organize Stakeholders Expectation/Requirements
Analyze Stakeholders
Classify Stakeholders
Create/update stakeholder register

4. Facilitate Alignment of Stakeholders’ and Project Team’s Expectation

Preparation for Stakeholder Management Planning
Review Commitment Level of Stakeholders
Planning Stakeholder Management by consulting experts
Engagement Assessment Matrix
Close Commitment Level Gaps
Create/Update Stakeholder Management Plan
Distribution and Dissemination of Stakeholder Management Plan

5. Engage and Build Relationships with Stakeholders

Preparation for Engagement
Engage Stakeholders
Communication-related considerations for managing stakeholder engagement
Interpersonal Skills
Management Skills
Methods to adapt and apply as negotiation techniques
Engagement with Peer Stakeholders
Review Stakeholders Engagement Result & Follow-up actions
Preparation for Control Stakeholder Engagement
Control Engagement with the use of Information Management Systems
Control Engagement by consulting experts
Decide control actions in meetings
Review result of Control Stakeholder Engagement

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