Exclusive Networks ME Introduces Big Technology

Exclusive Networks ME Introduces Big Technology: Value Added Distribution for the User Driven Datacentre

Big Technology targets big opportunities around big data; will operate as part of Exclusive Networks Group in Dubai, MENA

Dubai, November 26th 2015 – Exclusive Group is launching its BIGTEC distribution business in the Middle East region today.  BIGTEC is the go-to value-added distributor partner for disruptive vendors at the heart of enterprise datacentre transformation.

Enterprises seek to increase the performance and flexibility of their core IT and data assets, while streamlining expenditure into an OPEX model. BIGTEC helps reseller partners harness opportunities from new cloud architectures and virtualised datacentre functions that are progressively more webscale and software-defined. In addition, it brings the opportunity for the channel to answer their needs with intelligent, big-scale solutions capable of bringing order to the chaos and realise the promise of the user-driven, software defined, datacentre.

BIGTEC is focused on opportunities within the datacentre around big data storage, virtual desktop infrastructure, optimization and the orchestration of virtual appliances.  The new vendor portfolio in BIGTEC Middle East includes distribution partnerships with Nutanix as well as other strategic vendors in this arena.

“We believe that this is the perfect time to introduce BIGTEC in the MENA region” said Fari Boustantchi CEO of Exclusive Networks MENA.  “The volume, velocity and value of data is rising exponentially, generating a complex problem that only greater intelligence – not just greater horsepower – can resolve.  BIGTEC’s bold vision is to enable its partners to address this huge market opportunity and to help enterprises build a new generation of user driven datacentres. We are looking forward to working with our channel partners to successfully introduce Big Technology to the Middle East market. This is another major milestone for Exclusive Networks in the region”.

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