BahiBahi Hour, technical director, Exclusive Networks, on how the company is
evolving its distribution model.

What is your company’s core business and how does it define itself?
We identify ourselves as a super value-added distributor (VAD) for cyber security solutions, networking and Infrastructure technologies. As a distributor, Exclusive Networks accelerates market entry and growth for innovative technologies. This makes us the go-to choice for market leading technologies and reseller partners.

How do you differentiate your business from competition?

Our business model of single touch and multiple markets VAD, is unique in that we combine specialist value adding technical and marketing support, with the volume and reach of a global distributor. Our resellers around the world depend on us to boost their business opportunities and achieve new revenues in the changing technology landscape

Why is it crucial that resellers work with the authorised distributors?

Working with authorized distribution channels provides partners with the resources needed to successfully sell the solutions, including highly competitive gross profit margins, regional sales and technical support and a wide range of marketing and sales enablement tools.

What trends will shape the distribution sector in 2016?
The explosion of big data, predictive analytics and cloud applications, and services will definitely have a major impact on the IT distribution segment in 2016 and the next few years in the region.

How is your company evolving and adapting to the changing distribution landscape in the region?

Exclusive Networks adopts an agile and flexible business model which allows it to go beyond products and services selling, to selling business values and end results to its clients. In addition, Exclusive Networks is partnering with hyper-converged and cloud enabled vendors to adapt to the market changes and remain competitive

Why should resellers work with your company this year?
Exclusive Networks is unique in that it provides robust services portfolio, has developed expertise in specialised niche solutions, is focused on business
consultancy and is a business planning and analytics driven marketing focused VAD.

Is the Middle East IT distribution sector in a strong position for growth in 2016?
Yes, the market will see growth but only for distributors that are adapting to the changing market dynamics.