COVID-19 Update May 2020 – Business as (un)usual

Exclusive Networks Office closed until the end of May

At Exclusive Networks we have all been working from home since the beginning of the quarantine. Teleworking is still the norm in the current measures and this will not change in the upcoming weeks. Our offices in Duffel will remain closed until the end of May.

Exclusive Networks warehouse Duffel remains open

As the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, our priority at Exclusive Networks remains our people, our partners and the wider community. To continue providing our partners the service that they have come to expect and rely on us for, our warehouse will remain open.

Welcome Back – First public Event – July 2nd

We hope to be able to welcome you again in our office for trainings as of July. The first training on our agenda is the Security Awarenes Session of 02/07/2020. Of course the necessary precautions will be taken. In order to safeguard the social distancing rules we will be using larger meeting rooms for our trainings and workshops. Mouth masks and disinfecting gel will also be provided.