Data as a Service to the rescue

Making decisions based on incorrect data can entail a serious cyber risk. Enterprises, especially large ones, need a single source of truth.

Within large enterprises, there’re often different workplace cultures and attitudes to cyber risk. This only makes it harder to manage incoming risk. Using too many discrete tools may actually increase the amount of coverage gaps and therefore increase exposure risk.

Tanium comes with a solution with a linear chain architecture. With their solution they can deliver comprehensive coverage to the entire distributed endpoint environment. How, you’re wondering. By taking a step back and simplifying. And this is where Data as a Service comes in. Tanium sets up a personalized feed and adds OLAs and SLAs, respectively Service- and Operational Level Agreements, so that your team gets its information daily and clearly.

According to Tanium, this is the route to a more mature enterprise risk management posture.

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