Discovery Is the Key to Both Cybersecurity and Compliance

“When it comes to modern cybersecurity, many security analysts see the network as their friend, one of their strongest lines of defense. In reality, the network is just as often the enemy, hiding vulnerabilities and obscuring the information you need to defend your enterprise.”

How can security have better visibility and, therefore, tighter security and much easier compliance?

  • Discovery: You need to be able to detect vulnerabilities as soon as possible, if not immediately, to decrease the chances for a security risk that could lead to an interruption of service. But it can also lead to somebody potentially getting access to your data through an unmanaged device. This is why it is of the utmost importance to have a comprehensive inventory of all your data and endpoints.
  • Secure your network: networks are becoming more and more distributed and multi-vendor. This can leave the network vulnerable and open to an attack. You need to keep your network security up to date and therefore you need an automated process that gives you continuous multi-vendor advisories and updates that have accurate and rich vendor agnostic device discovery.

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