Active Directory Attacks XPlained


Webinar | Wednesday 12 October | 10am – 10.50am

Did you know that 90% of all breaches involve Windows Active Directory attacks?
It is not only an initial point of entry but it’s also popular for privilege escalation and lateral movement.
Why wouldn’t you try to attack the Domain controller? You would get the keys to the castle if you succeeded.

Join our webinar on Wednesday October 12 2022 tackling precisely this risk.

We will provide you an overview on:
  • the dangers of misconfigured domain settings
  • how to secure your service accounts
  • patch management for Domain controllers and critical systems (because hey, patching and rebooting is a risk right?)
So join us for this 50 minute session to learn more about this huge attack vector that almost every company is facing.

10.00h Start webinar
10.40h Q&A
10.50h End webinar



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