Axonius NIST Framework


Join us for this webinar on the NIS2 Directive by the EU. This new and improved directive expands the scope of companies that need to be compliant, and tells us which measures and investments they’ll need to take to be more resilient against cyberattacks.

To understand this even better, we’ll look at the NIST framework used in the US, in which the key element is knowing your environment because you cannot protect what you cannot see or don’t know about.

Axonius offers a new way to inventory who and what you need to protect. That’s cybersecurity asset management at it’s best. By connecting to hundreds of data sources, Axonius gives IT and security teams a comprehensive inventory, uncovers gaps, and triggers automated response.

Join our webinar and discover in 30 minnutes how Axonius can make a difference for you.

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