DLP can be easy Webinar


What is one of the biggest challenges for almost any company in today’s modern age? They have no visibility or control on what is happening with their data.

The answer is simple, Data Loss Prevention, yet the implementation can be a difficult and long process.

DLP can be made easy.  Once you have identified the risks belonging to the destination, the application, the instance and the user identity – your DLP program will only consist of finetuning.  It’s controlling the risk of exactly what kind of data is being exchanged. Netskope can automatically discover sensitive data like SSN, ID, address and other Personal Identifiable Information (PII), payment card numbers and financial information.

Get full visibility on prem and in the cloud.

In less than 30 minutes see how we setup and protect sensitive data.

So join us , you’ve got nothing to lose (except your data if you don’t).

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