Fortinet Threat Hunting Challenge


Embark on a thrilling exploration of AcmeCorp’s network, where hidden adversaries defy traditional triggers like Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). Assume the role of a savvy security analyst armed with Mitre ATT&CK™, a real-world behavioral playbook.

This technical event is set up with several exercises set around the technical goals the adversary is trying to achieve, for example, Initial Access, Persistence, Privilege Escalation, Command and Control. You will use FortiEDR, FortiSIEM, FortiDeceptor and FortiSandbox to detect threats using ATT&CK™ to focus on adversaries’ Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) rather than the more common easily mutable artifacts.

Make sure to bring your laptop as this event entails a hands-on workshop.

TUE 12 March 2024

10h00 – Welcome
10h30 – Start workshop
12h30 – Lunch
15h00 – End workshop

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