Nutanix Sales Certification Morning


NCSR Certification | Tuesday October 18

In order to stay compliant with the Nutanix Engage Partner Program, it is important to keep your certifications up-to-date!

Join us for the Certification Morning and become NCSR 2022 certified in just 2 hours!

To help you pass the test, Exclusive Networks has set up a  NCSR Certification Morning.
We’ll kick off the day with a quick refresh of your Nutanix knowledge and add some new updates for good measure.  Afterwards, we’ll take the certification test together.
If all goes well, you should all leave this certification morning with a NCSR 2022 certification in your pocket:

      • Nutanix Certified Sales Representative 2022: Recipients of the NCSR 2022 badge have demonstrated their ability to speak to customers and address their pain points and needs using solutions from the Nutanix portfolio of products and features.


09.30h – Welcome
10.00h – Start NCSR Certification Morning
12.00h – Exam & Lunch
13.00h – End


Exclusive Networks
A. Stocletlaan 202

2570 Duffel
*It is also possible to join this certification morning online. Make sure to check the right box in the form.

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