OT Security XPlained – webinar



In our rapidly changing IT Network & Security industry, we are bombarded with new technologies, new solutions and new abbreviations every single day.  To make sure nobody is kept in the dark, Xplained is here to shed light on all (deep) technical mumbo jumbo.

Xplained will help you dot your I’s and cross your T’s so you can keep up with the latest security concepts or get a refresh of mature technologies.

Me, myself and I-OT.

After a well deserved summer break, our Xplained factory is running at full force again. This time, we’ll take a dive in our box with sensors, PLCs and smart lights. Together, we’ll discover the essentials concerning these industrial environments. How they operate, the steps to decently secure such a valuable network and how to separate IOT from OT.

This webinar is packed with guidelines concerning network design, integration of IT & OT, building a decent strategy around visibility and control in these very sensitive environments.  Open your sensors and join us during this 45-minute session to discover (our view on) OT in a nutshell.

10h00 – 10h45 CET

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