Palo Alto Networks – SPS Cortex XDR Certification Day


Elevate your Cortex XDR Expertise! Dive into world of cybersecurity with our Sales Production Specialization in Cortex XDR.

This course provides an in-depth comprehension of the Cortex XDR product line, furnishing you with both technical expertise and industry perspectives. Understand the ins and outs of rising cybersecurity challenges impacting your Security Operation Center.

Get to know the impact of cyberattacks on enterprises and, most importantly, discover how PANW Cortex XDR can be your ultimate ally. Stay ahead of challenges and attacks by responding swiftly, accurately, and in an automated manner.

We’ll guide you through:

  • The Cortex XDR Overview
  • Benefits and How To Position
  • Threat hunting Capabilities

Join us for the Certification Morning and become certified in just 2 hours!

Quinten Thijs, Palo Alto Networks BDM
Cédric Devogelaere, Palo Alto Networks SE
Kenneth Van Velthoven, Palo Alto Networks SE

Palo Alto Networks Partners

10h00 – Welcome & Coffee
10h30 – Certification Morning
12h00 – Lunch

Date Location Duration Time of Event Reminder
25/04/2024 Exclusive Networks 2h 10h00 + Google | + Ical