Take the first step to Attack Surface Management


A small step for your company, a big step for Cybersecurity.

Obtaining a comprehensive, credible inventory of all assets is a prerequisite for understanding and securing your company’s attack surface. Axonius unifies all assets — internal and external — to strengthen attack surface management.

On Friday 12th May we’ll demonstrate how easy (and quick) it is to set up from scratch and configure it to work with your data sources.

We will also reveal how to write queries using Axonius to gain detailed insights into your environment. To top it all of, we will show you how to leverage Axonius to streamline your security workflows and automate your response to threats.

At the end of this webinar, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to set up and configure Axonius to work with your data sources, create an inventory list of all your assets, and write queries to gain detailed insights into your environment, assets, and users.

And we’ll do all this in 30 minutes.  Ready to take that step?

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