Technical Webinar: Fortifying the Enterprise Network (NGFW Solution)



Technical Webinar | 17th March | 14h – 16h

In this workshop, participants learn how Fortinet network security leverages a single operating system that works across different network security use cases.

FortiGate reduces complexity by integrating various point products using Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) features. FortiGate also provides automated visibility into cloud applications and IoT devices. The Fortinet Security Fabric automatically discovers the end to end topology view of the enterprise network and also protects it from known and unknown attacks via automated action. FortiGate NGFW utilizes purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services from FortiGuard labs to deliver top-rated protection and high performance, including encrypted cloud access.

Participants who attend this workshop will learn how to:

  • Reduce complexity with industry-leading security effectiveness
  • Enhance visibility with automated action
  • Simplify SSL performance and complexity issues for encrypted cloud access



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