Want to maximize your ROI with SLR and BPA


Palo Alto Networks offers tools to provide insight and strengthen the security of your customers. With the Security Lifecycle Review you can analyze network traffic and report on the business and security risks facing an organization. The Best Practice Assessment measures your use of Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall and Panorama security management capabilities across your deployment. Register for this webinar and maximize your return on investment.


The Speaker of the day

Nick van den Boogaard – Consultant, Exclusive Networks
Nick van den Boogaard is consultant at Exclusive Networks Netherlands. Nick has 4 years of work experience with Palo Alto Networks in Pre- and Post-sales processes. Is CYBERFORCE Commander in Palo Alto Networks’ partner technical recognition program. Which makes him indispensable in the Dutch Palo Alto Networks team of Exclusive Networks Netherlands”

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