How can security awareness help your business?

A secure digital world. Isn’t this something we all dream about? A world where there are no phishing mails, no scammers, no hackers and where everything is secure. Sadly enough, this is not the case. We live in a world where you have to be aware from everyone.

But where to start? My advice is to start with an awareness training. Making sure everyone is aware of the dangers is the first step in securing not only your network but also your personal information. Here you will find the reasons why a security awareness training might be good for your employees.

Phishing mails are increasing

We’ve all seem them before. A mail where they say you can get something for free, a packet has been held by the customs, your bank telling you there is something wrong with your account or even a mail where they say you win some prize.

Phishing mails are getting more sophisticated. They are not shy to make use of the world events like the war in Ukraine or the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. These attacks can be via email, text messaging, phone call and other forms of communication with the intention of stealing credit card information or to launch malware on the user’s system. Phishing attacks are still in the top 3 of entry points in an organisation, therefore educating your employees should be one of your priorities.

Those passwords again

123456, letmein123, password, azerty, wachtwoord, qwerty,… Everyone knows by now those are weak passwords and shouldn’t be used. But year after year, those same passwords make the list of top 10 most used passwords. What is a strong password? What is a password manager? How do I remember longer passwords? And what is that MFA everyone is blabbing about? Those are all questions everyone is wondering about and will be answered during our training.

Comforting your clients

We’ve all heard about data breaches, people’s information for everyone to view. That’s not something you want for your customers. You want your customers to have faith that their data is safe with you. You don’t want them to avoid you because you experienced a cyber attack. This training won’t cover how you protect your network or endpoints, but how your people can help protecting your entire environment.

Combine this all with games, videos and real life examples in a 2-hour training to educate your employees. Our non-technical training is home-made and kept up to date for all of your employees. This training can be delivered at your company on the time of your choosing.

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