Stay calm and don’t trust cyberspace

“Trust is one of the things that makes us human. We evolved the ability to trust in order to make life or death judgment calls and it is wired into our brains from birth. Unfortunately, since time immemorial, nefarious characters have always abused the trust of others to their own advantage, and in the modern world it is now one of the primary tools in a cybercriminal’s arsenal.” – Neil Thacker, Netskope’s CISO for EMEA.

Since 2020, our trust in technology and online services for our social interactions and basic day-to-day needs has rapidly grown. Thacker warns that we should always be rational and calm, because cybercriminals want you to make impulsive and rash decisions. These fear messages are almost always presented from behind the facade of trusted people, organizations, and brands.

As organizations, we should also embrace a zero-trust principle for our security strategies.

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