Exclusive Networks and Transcelestial Partners to Bring Wireless Laser Communication Technology to 10 Key APAC Markets

SINGAPORE – 24th November 2021 – Exclusive Networks, a global trusted cybersecurity specialist for digital infrastructure is thrilled to partner with Transcelestial to bring wireless laser communication technology to 10 key APAC markets, including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The partnership will connect many communities across the region that are still without internet connectivity even today.

“We look forward to meeting the market with Transcelestial, leveraging our wide network in Asia Pacific,” said Brad Gray, Exclusive Networks Asia Pacific Senior Vice President. “Exclusive Networks is putting its trust and weight into this partnership to address what COVID-19 has made most urgent in the telecom industry – an accelerated rollout of transformational network upgrades.

“We see a distinct and timely opportunity here for first-movers to lead the charge and define the future of connectivity,” he added.

Transcelestial’s expansion plan will be spearheaded by Charles Han, the vendor’s newly appointed global channel strategy and program lead, who previously held senior leadership roles at VMware, Cisco and Citrix.

Also leading the charge is Sunny Tham, Transcelestial’s global channel sales lead, who claims decades of experience in the Asia Pacific point-to-point wireless connectivity market, according to the company.

“Visionary mobile network operators and internet service providers recognise that the rise in demand for 5G, broadband and general Internet usage will push our technology infrastructure to resolve challenges in internet distribution, with solutions ranging from last mile connectivity to low earth orbit,” Han said.

“The opportunity for Transcelestial’s technology to revolutionise both arenas is not far off – this is simply the first leap forward towards that mission,” he added.

Source: Channel Asia, ARN, Business Times

About Exclusive Networks

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