Exclusive Networks Forges Global Partnership with RUCKUS Networks for Enhanced Connectivity and Security

Exclusive Networks, a globally trusted cybersecurity specialist for digital infrastructure, has today announced its latest partnership with RUCKUS Networks, a CommScope Company. The partnership signals an expansion for Exclusive Networks in the UK and Ireland following the successful availability of the complete RUCKUS Networks portfolio in the USA.

RUCKUS Networks, globally acknowledged for revolutionising connectivity solutions, brings innovation in wired and wireless technology, tailored to meet diverse customer needs and the most demanding use cases. Their high-performance network infrastructure ensures secure, reliable access to applications and services, even in the most challenging of environments.

The partnership introduces the complete RUCKUS Networks portfolio, offering a comprehensive range of solutions designed to deliver secure, reliable, and scalable networking capabilities across businesses of all sizes. It will also see the introduction of RUCKUS AI™ to the Exclusive Networks portfolio, which offers enhanced network intelligence and fortification to create more secure networking environments, as well as the Cloudpath® Enrolment system, which enables network segmentation without the need for additional hardware.

A Unified Approach to Networking and Security

Exclusive Networks and RUCKUS Networks share a common vision, a strategic alignment, and a fundamentally similar DNA, as both embrace a go-to-market strategy centred around robust partner relationships. Beyond this, the newly expanded partnership is built upon a common focus on secure connectivity and innovative networking solutions, as both parties recognise the pivotal role of Wi-Fi security in preventing unauthorised access and fortifying sensitive information.

RUCKUS Networks and Exclusive Networks offer extensive resources, training, marketing, and commercial engagement to partners, allowing them, regardless of networking expertise, to leverage the support of expert teams to quickly capitalise on market opportunities. Supported by robust pre-sales and professional services expertise, this collaboration opens doors for partners to extend their solution offerings, providing a holistic, trusted digital infrastructure to clients.

“We’re thrilled to be offering partners a complete digital infrastructure, regardless of their networking expertise,” commented Matthew Paynter, Vendor Director UK & I Exclusive Networks. “RUCKUS Networks is a leader in connectivity and perfectly complements Exclusive Networks. Working together, our partners will be better equipped than ever to seize the market opportunities before them.”

“Together, we’re reimaging network security as we reject outdated views that segregate networking and security, and instead look towards an integrated approach,” added Gary Newbold, VP Regional Sales, EMEA, RUCKUS Networks. “We’re making networks smarter and more secure as we raise the standard for what’s possible in network and data security – and that can only be a good thing for our partners.”

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