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Welcome to BFF – The program that gives you benefits!

The membership that gives you more.
If you participate in training, certify yourself or listen to our webinars, or participate in our Fortinet events, it will not only give you more knowledge. You will also collect points, in the form of percentages, which give you the opportunity to become one of our top BFFs.

Take the chance to be active together with Exclusive Networks and Fortinet.
If you are active and participate in several activities, you get extra points to add to your total amount. Those who are at the top will be able to join us at special events and kick-offs.

You do not have to be a winner to become a winner. Everyone will be able to participate and use campaigns.

This is how we measure
The program starts on January 1 every year and lives on as long as you want to be a BFF member. We are constantly coming up with new activities, promotions and competitions for you to participate in, so keep an eye on this page so you do not miss anything.
You can join when it suits you, but the measurement period is the same for everyone.
In 2022, the periods 1 January – 30 June and 1 July – 31 December apply.

You keep your “points” over the year and bring the points from period 1 to 2. At the turn of the year, we start again and then measure 2021 against 2022.

We measure the percentage increase compared to the previous year, with a starting amount of at least SEK 50,000. So it is important to individually increase its turnover on Fortinet. Everything you then do to increase your knowledge will give extra percentage that is added to your total turnover.

Each completed activity below gives you a bonus according to the table.
If you have taken a certification, do not forget to send in your certificate. 

Activity Extra %.
Participate in Exclusive Networks Organized Fortinet event 1%
Accomplished CTAP 2%
Attend Fast Tracks 2%
Certify yourself NSE1 1%
Certify yourself NSE2 2%
Certify yourself NSE3 3%
Certify yourselfNSE4 4%
Certify yourself NSE5 5%


Campaigns right now!

If you book an NSE 4 education between now and 30 June this year, you will receive an NSE 4 voucher, worth just over SEK 4,000, on the purchase. An excellent opportunity to both deepen your FortGate knowledge, and become certified in NSE 4. Note that an NSE 4 certification is the only thing that stands in the way of you as a partner to step up to partner level Select, and thus get benefits such as dealreg- opportunities, named AM on Fortinet and higher standard discount.

Our NSE 4 courses are arranged by our sister office in the UK (online), and are thus in English. They are for 5 days and are certification-based to help the participant to reach the NSE 4 certification as much as possible. As it is Exclusive Networks in the UK that arranges these, GMT also applies, in other words -1 hour in terms of time, compared with Sweden.

Available dates at the time of writing.
April 25-29
9-13 May
May 23-27
June 20-25

The list price for a 5-day NSE 4 training is SEK 35,000, where the standard dealer discount is 20%. You thus pay SEK 28,000, and thus also receive an NSE 4-voucher, to a value of just over SEK 4,000, on the purchase.

Contact Lennie for registration, LWinbladh@exclusive-networks.com
NOTE! This offer ONLY applies to resellers with at least one registered BFF member, and can not be sold to end customers.

Profit activities
During Q1 2022 we will arrange somthing special for the top 10. More information is coming.

Upcoming traings and events/webinars

Dates Activities
11-13 maj Fortinet Accelerate


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Now you can watch a pre-recorde webinar and learn more about Security Fabric, wich has been shown to expand market opportunities,accelerate the growth of partner sales, increase efficiency and reduce partnership costs. click here

Lots of good documentation to get started with Fortinet
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