Orchestrate to Liberate Your Data With Rubrik

Let’s face it: backup and recovery, storage and archiving, the whole data management challenge. It’s never been the sexiest part of IT innovation.

But that might be because data management hasn’t been innovated in decades. Today, in the age of cloud, thousands of major enterprises still use 20th century backup technology. Even those who don’t are suffering with management complexity, the inability to scale quickly and cost-effectively, and lengthy RTO/RPO times that are all getting worse – rather than better – now that businesses are more eager to embrace the economics of cloud.

That’s all changing with new solutions from Rubrik that collapse automated backup, instant recovery, offsite replication and data archival into a simple, scale out appliance (‘Brik’) built for hybrid cloud.

It’s so easy to use that customers say even a child could manage it. Hardly surprising then, that investors have piled in with over $110m of funding for Rubrik and its unique technology developed by ex-Facebook and Google data architects. Hardly surprising it is experiencing unprecedented customer growth, and Gartner has recognised it as a ‘2016 Cool Vendor’.

In fact, the technology is so revolutionary that backup itself is on way to becoming cool for the first time ever. Say goodbye to the boring, admin-heavy angst of backup infrastructure processes – say hello to becoming a backup rockstar. Boom!

Here are three ways to prove it. Three ways to make your backup rock with Rubrik:

1) You can ‘unplug’ from the legacy of the past

Legacy backup systems are out of tune with today’s enterprise needs. Infrastructure and management complexities, unnecessary costs and limited scalability are all amplifying the problem. Just like the rock bands on MTV, Rubrik allows you to unplug from these disparate, archaic systems to deliver a better data management performance that you can fine-tune anyway you want. This is made possible by the immense simplicity and scale you can now enjoy from a single system, as well as the full global duplication of all data – searchable instantly with Google-like speed and predictability.

2) You can ‘remix and remaster’ your data management strategy to suit your needs

As cloud reaches a deafening crescendo in every business, the harmony of managing data across hybrid environments is lost in the noise of traditional backup infrastructure. Rubrik conquers that complexity, allowing IT leaders to remix their data management for the cloud and remastering it to the beats and rhythms of their business. Rubrik does this by combining the scale of the cloud with the control of on-premise, and accelerating and automating management processes further with point-and-click policy-driven SLAs.

3) You can treat data like a ‘playlist’ – just the way users expect

Who still carries a Walkman around with a bag full of CDs and cassettes? Nobody! Tapes and disks have had their day – this is the age of the digital download, where users expect to access data instantly, wherever it is and from wherever they are. Rubrik lets you treat data like a playlist and have it dance to your tune. This is because Rubrik was designed and built using web-scale, consumer technology principles. The result is near-instant data recovery. And installs no longer take months of effort of specialised professional services involvement – now it’s less than the time it takes to listen to an album.

It’s time to think differently about backup and data management, bringing it up to date without diluting the age-old principles of accuracy, speed, security and compliance.

Keep data simple yet authentically digital – does that sound good to you?