As digital transformation continues, organizations are using increasing numbers of smart devices on their networks. They are connecting previously separated IT and OT networks to automate business operations and boost efficiency. This convergence of IT and OT is putting new demands on CIOs and CISOs as they are being tasked with protecting the entire business ecosystem, well beyond enterprise IT systems.

Forescout’s biggest and boldest release delivers new capabilities to help address your organizations most pressing cybersecurity challenges. Industry experts claim that CIOs will have three times more devices to deal with by 2022 than they do today. With the convergence of IT and OT already underway, that number could go even higher. Forescout 8.1 is ready to provide real-time IT-OT security today.

Unparalleled Device Discovery

Expanded visibility into Microsoft® Azure, Cisco® ACI and Belden industrial switching environments, plus increased medical, industrial and building automation device classification for a unified view of all IP-connected devices.

Expanded Auto-Classification

Automatically classify 5,000+ device vendors and models, 350+ biomedical vendors and 3,000+ models of IoT and OT devices for improved classification accuracy and policy enforcement.

Risk Assessment and Incident Response

New ICS vulnerability assessment, mobile device assessment with Microsoft Intune and incident response with ServiceNow® ITSM to reduce risk and accelerate response.

Heterogeneous Network Segmentation

Orchestration with Fortinet® firewalls and Cisco DNA Center/TrustSec enables IT and OT segmentation and automation of controls.


Learn how Forescout 8.1 enables organizations to gain complete situational awareness of all devices in their interconnected environment to understand both their cyber and operational risk.

Topics include:

  • Visibility and continuous monitoring of all layers of the OT network stack
  • Auto-classification of medical, industrial, networking and IoT devices
  • Multi-cloud and data center visibility into Azure, AWS, VMware and Cisco ACI environments

Watch recorded webinar here.