Midsize Enterprise CIOs: Overcome These Four Security Challenges and Sleep Better at Night

With the speed of technology and constant security threats, it’s no surprise that CIOs of commercial, midsize enterprises (companies with fewer than 5,000 employees) have much to worry about; thus, potentially keeping them awake into the wee hours of the night. Though not an exhaustive list, I’ve identified four key challenges that can weigh heavy on a midsize enterprise CIO’s mind:

  1. Having the proper resources and skill sets to identify and mitigate security threats effectively and efficiently.
  2. Having the proper tools to quickly detect and respond to security breaches.
  3. Getting the most from existing IT staff who are usually generalists taking on security roles in addition to their other work.
  4. Not enough headcount or proper skill sets to fully support a SOC.

Overall Security Challenges and Their Toll on Midsize Enterprises

Security will always be top of mind for a CIO, and they find themselves overwhelmed with:

  • Increasingly complex cyber attacks
  • Security alert fatigue
  • Lengthy incident response times
  • Disjointed and underutilized security ecosystem

Unsurprisingly, the IT challenges that commercial, midsize enterprises face are the same ones confronting larger organizations. The difference is that midsize companies often lack adequate resources (i.e., people, time, tools and budget) to juggle growing IT and security demands. If left unaddressed, such insufficiencies can lead to detrimental consequences, including:

  • Missed business opportunities, forced trade-offs and an inability to innovate or scale
  • Higher risk, excess or wasted costs and high labor requirements
  • Lack of enterprise-wide consistency across data center, hybrid/multi-cloud, HQ, branch locations and remote workers

That’s a lot to toss and turn about when your bed hits the pillow. But what if I told you there is a way midsize enterprise CIOs can resolve those worries and get closer to the recommended 7 – 9 hours of shuteye a night? The answer? A comprehensive DNS Detection and Response (DNSDR) solution.

Midsize Enterprises Can Stop Threats Sooner with DNS Detection and Response

A DNSDR solution, like BloxOne® Threat Defense from Infoblox, enables resource-strapped midsize enterprises to stop both known and likely threats earlier without compromising network performance, block attacks other security tools miss and slash the Mean Time to Respond (MTTR). Additionally, Infoblox recently announced how this DNSDR solution expands its leading AI-driven analytics by introducing SOC Insights to elevate overall SecOps efficiency. BloxOne Threat Defense with SOC Insights offers proactive DNS intelligence to help identify and disrupt attacker supply chains, stopping threats before they occur. SOC Insights also empowers analysts to jump-start investigations into the events that matter most and reduce MTTR by eliminating wasted time and providing actionable guidance and easy access to enriched data pivot capabilities. And Infoblox’s intelligent ecosystem integrations contribute to even more powerful insights and further optimize the ROI for overall security investments.

So yes, with Infoblox, CIOs Can Sleep More Peacefully

Now that you understand how BloxOne Threat Defense, specifically SOC Insights, can take some of the stress off CIOs, let’s go back to the four challenges and see how CIOs can use BloxOne Threat Defense with SOC Insights to minimize, if not overcome, each challenge.

Challenge #1: Having the proper resources and skill sets to identify and mitigate security threats effectively and efficiently.

For most midsize enterprises, a lack of people and expertise is nothing new. For years, the resource and skills gap has plagued security professionals. The good news is that SOC Insights solves security teams’ challenges intensified by analyst burnout, alert fatigue and skills shortage. BloxOne Threat Defense with SOC Insights can eliminate wasted time collecting, validating and interpreting vast amounts of event, network, and DNS intelligence data to enable security teams to quickly and automatically initiate response activities.

Challenge #2: Having the proper tools to quickly detect and respond to security breaches.

SOC Insights enables security teams to shorten MTTR by dramatically reducing the time and effort required to draw actionable insights from torrents of security alerts. SOC Insights converts alerts into unique insights that offer security teams access to consolidated device, event and attacker infrastructure details, informed with unique DNS intelligence data. In so doing, SOC Insights eliminates the need for security professionals to track each individual alert. They also can initiate remediation sooner and before it’s too late because they no longer must wait to hear back from networking teams for the user and device information they need to understand the context around threat activity.

Challenge # 3: Getting the most from IT staff who are usually generalists taking on security roles in addition to their other work.

With SOC Insights, you don’t have to be an expert. AI-driven SOC Insights analyzes vast amounts of threat and network data to identify what matters most, provides actionable insights and drives automation with the broader security ecosystem for rapid remediation and containment. Unique DNS threat intelligence can automatically identify threats other tools will miss and proactively disrupt the adversary’s infrastructure to stop threats before they occur, providing faster investigation and response times and freeing analysts up to work on other critical tasks.

Challenge #4: Not enough headcount or proper skill sets to fully support a SOC.

SOC Insights simplifies analysts’ workloads and empowers them to jump-start investigations that truly matter. It saves time and resources and enables security organizations to overcome people and skills gaps by quickly identifying which events require action by narrowing down hundreds of thousands of alerts to a more manageable set of insights.

Additionally, you can extend the productivity of limited resources by sharing AI-driven insights with correlated and filtered data to trigger automated responses, making other tools in the security stack, like SIEM/SOAR, more effective, further improving the efficiency of limited security tools and teams.

Nighty-Night, Sleep Tight, and Sweet Dreams

As you can see, SOC Insights is a game-changer that allows commercial, midsize enterprise CIOs to rest more easily by addressing the common security challenges that keep them up. By deploying Infoblox BloxOne Threat Defense with SOC Insights, CIOs can make their SecOps teams more efficient, empowered, productive and happier.

What do you think? Are you looking for a better night’s sleep?

Written By Valerie Richards

Source: https://blogs.infoblox.com/security/midsize-enterprise-cios-overcome-these-four-security-challenges-and-sleep-better-at-night/