Five misconceptions businesses keep having about ransomware

Ransomware has become one of the hardest types of cyberattacks to recover from. But what exactly is ransomware? It’s a malicious software that keeps you from accessing you files and systems. To get that access back, they want you to pay. It’s clear that these kinds of attacks can be very costly for businesses.

Now, on to these five misconceptions your organization might still have:

  • Businesses thank an attack won’t happen to them
  • Security teams believe their firewall or antivirus software will stop attacks
  • Top business leaders believe paying the ransom will make the problem go away
  • IT teams think deploying a simple data backup system is enough
  • The entire company lets the small stuff slide

Needless to say, if you organization is still in the practice of believing any of these misconceptions, it is time to rethink your cybersecurity. Anyone can be attacked!

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