Guardian360 signs distribution agreement with Value Added Distributor Exclusive Networks Belgium.

27th April 2020, Duffel – Guardian360, a Dutch security software company, has signed a distribution agreement with Value Added Distributor Exclusive Networks. Offering the Guardian360 security platform, which continuously monitors web applications and IT environments for vulnerabilities and identifies whether they lead to a deviation from the security standards, will enable Exclusive Networks to serve its partners even better in their challenges.

“Companies are increasingly realizing that information security is crucial for their business continuity. They have to deal with compliance issues and are looking for solutions in the field of information security.’, says Jeff Scipio, Partner Director at Guardian360.

Guardian360 consists of multiple Scanners which are constantly in- and around your network searching for weak spots or vulnerabilities in both the security of your network and web application.  If despite all forms of security and scanning, a network intruder or hacker is to compromise your network, the Guardian360 “Canary” sets off a silent alarm.

“We call it ‘Managed Security‘. You may experience it as ‘a good night rest.”, adds Jeff Scipio, Partner Director at Guardian360.

“The Guardian360 services are a welcome addition to Exclusive Networks’ current portfolio.”, concludes Ben Aelbrecht, Country Manager Exclusive Networks Belux, “As a Value-Added Distributor we pride ourselves in having both commercial and technical knowledge of the products and services we distribute.   This technical knowledge can help us when examining the scan results, which in turn will also provide opportunities for partners to position additional products.”

About Exclusive Networks

Here at Exclusive Networks we accelerate market entry and growth for innovative cybersecurity, networking and infrastructure technologies. This makes us the go-to choice for market leading technologies and reseller partners.

  • Our business model of a single touch/multiple markets VAD, is unique.
  • We combine specialist value-adding technical and marketing support, with the volume and reach of a global distributor.
  • Reseller partners around the world rely upon us to boost their business opportunities and achieve new revenues from the changing technology landscape.

Exclusive Networks continually challenges traditional VAD models, redefining value and creating differentiation. We call this ‘Disruptive Distribution’

About Guardian360

Guardian360 provides security in the form of continuous scanning and live reporting, monitoring all parts of networks and web applications day and night. In addition, deviations from information security standards are continuously mapped and hackers are caught by the platform. The employees of Guardian360 are certified security specialists.

Together with seven other Dutch information security companies, Guardian360 has taken the initiative to establish Cyberveilig Nederland. The goal of this sector organisation is to increase the digital resilience of The Netherlands and also to increase the quality and transparency within the growing cyber security sector. Guardian360 is also a premium partner of The Hague Security Delta. Through this partnership Guardian360 is connected to a network of leading information security organizations, has access to strategic knowledge and is involved in the formation of public-private partnerships in the field of information security.