Life Insurance for Your Data: It’s High Time You Get It

Car, house, health, phones… legs – I mean, Ronaldo does. Today we can and do get insurance for just about anything, so why wouldn’t you insure your data? Your business pretty much depends on it. It’s probably wise to think about it. Let’s take a closer look at what SANsymphony by Datacore has to offer with its three lines of defense. 

SANsymphony is a so-called Software-defined storage (SDS) 

“Software-defined storage (SDS) is a technology used in data storage management that intentionally separates the functions responsible for provisioning capacity, protecting data and controlling data placement from the physical hardware on which data is stored.” – Datacore 

A lot can go wrong with your data: hardware breakdown, security threats, human errors, etc. The right kind of insurance helps you recover your data, avoiding business interruptions. So, why SDS? Well, SDS ensures that your data is constantly replicated to a nearby location, or remote site, by creating point-in-time copies via Continuous Data Protection (CDP).  

“Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is a backup and recovery technique that replicates and time stamps every incremental change to critical dataset.” – Datacore 

Three Lines of Defense 

In come the three lines of defense SANsymphony by Datacore have to offer: 

  • Easily circumvent storage outages and failures 
  • Enable recovery at a remote/DR site 

“A disaster recovery (DR) site is a facility an organization can use to recover and restore its technology infrastructure and operations when its primary data center becomes unavailable.” – Techtarget 

  • Ensure point-in-time recovery of data from last-known good state 


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