Flexible, Industry-first Subscription Pricing for Hardware and More

Today, there are subscriptions for everything. You name it, there’s a subscription. Nozomi Networks isn’t a beginner in offering subscriptions. However, today they are launching a new subscription model: Nozomi OnePassTM. OnePass is a subscription model including all Nozomi Network’s existing subscriptions. Let’s look at why this is very interesting. 

Innovating with Hardware-as-a-Service 

You’ve probably heard of Saas, Software as a Service, but have you ever heard of HaaS? HaaS is a key component of Nozomi OnePass and it’s “Hardware as a Service”.  It’s becoming the consumption model of the future, because through HaaS, you won’t have to purchase expensive hardware to be able to benefit from many software solutions. Which is why it is great to combine SaaS and HaaS, and that’s exactly what Nozomi OnePass offers you: a subscription including both hardware and software solutions Nozomi currently offers. No more high up-front costs or worrying about the hardware getting outdated. 

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