Start your automation journey with Juniper Apstra Freeform

What’s the best way to make your data center faster, more agile and more cost-effective? Automating it with Juniper Apstra

Managing modern data centers means facing

    • constant pressure to move faster
    • rolling out new products
    • moving into new markets
    • delivering new value before the competition.
    • component shortages and supply chain delays
    • rising complexity of the data center
    • accommodating new technologies
    • a declining pool of available talent with advanced software skills

But there is a way to get ahead of these challenges and give the business an edge: automation. And no one does data center network automation quite like Apstra.

Juniper Apstra provides:

    • Intent-based networking
    • Reliability, which translates to speed
    • The industry’s only multivendor solution
    • 320% Return on investment (ROI) – According to a recent economic analysis from Forrester Research

With a new addition to Apstra – Freeform Reference Designs businesses can bring the speed and agility of Apstra to any data center— any vendor, any topology and any network design. With new licensing options, they can start automating for a small fraction of the cost of a new switch.

With Freeform, businesses now have two broad options for Apstra automation:

  1. Let Juniper automate:

Using Apstra Validated Data Center Reference Designs, customers get a heavily curated experience with guardrails.

If you think of automation like cooking, this is like getting a Hello Fresh box: all ingredients come pre-measured, with simple instructions. Customize where you choose (e.g., with Apstra configlets), but it’s very hard to mess up dinner.

2.  Self-management :

Using your own customized fabric? Freeform is an “anything goes” reference design. This option is great for organizations more familiar with DIY automation and DevOps.

Or in our cooking analogy, skilled chefs who just need directions to the grocery store and a world class kitchen. Use whichever ingredients you like and prepare them however you choose.

No matter where you begin your automation journey, and what hardware vendor you’re using, Apstra can get you to the next level—faster, more reliably and with industry-leading agility.

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