Top 5 Reasons to Integrate your Privilege Access Management (PAM) and Identity Governance Solutions

Integrating identity governance and privileged access management (PAM) into one management and security solution is critical to establish a cyber defense that can tackle today’s cyber threats while enabling organizations to securely fast-track digital transformation initiatives.

Looking for more reasons why organisations should consider an integrated, best-in-class identity and access security solution?  Here are five of them:

1. Improves Visibility

With a clear overview on privileged and non-privileged identities via an integrated solution the risk of human errors and delays can be eliminated, and the risk of an overlooked privilege being exploited to breach the entire network gets reduced.

2. Centralizes management

A single, centralized view into all identities improves the user experience for admins, simplifies the access governance process, and provides a deeper level of granularity.

3. Enhances productivity and efficiency

Admins can focus on more productive projects, as the boring and time-consuming manual management of privileged accounts and permissions is eliminated

4. Supports identity security at the planetary scale

An integration creates a hyper-scalable approach to managing privileged access for many vital business processes

5. Enables a zero trust approach to cybersecurity

With this integration, an essential piece of the zero trust approach can be implemented: the principle of least privilege (PoLP)


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