Thales’ Safenet Trusted Access Customer Usage and Satisfaction Patterns

We all know how important customer satisfaction is. Interestingly, knowing about what your clients think about your product and how they use it in their own business. Thales understands this as well and have now shared their findings of this #2022SafeNetTrustedAccess study. In this blog we’ll do our best to summarize them for you.

“SafeNet Trusted Access (STA) from Thales is an access management and authentication service. It helps ensure that no user is a target by allowing you to extend authentication and smart access-based policies to all users and applications.” – Thales

According to respondents, their top 3 concerns for access security are:

  • Securing access in hybrid environments
  • Credential compromise
  • Securing access in multi-cloud environments

Next, they were asked which applications and services were protected by STA. We share the top 3:

  • VPN
  • Web apps
  • Windows PC and Network logon

The customers top 3 benefits of using STA:

  • Reduced risk of breach
  • Protect more users and apps
  • Enable remote and hybrid work models

“SafeNet Trusted Access is an access management and authentication solution trusted by thousands of organizations across the world. It has successfully helped security professionals to reduce the risk of data breach, address concerns of identity compromise, and protect hybrid and multicloud environments with diverse authentication capabilities” – Thales

Read the whole report on Thales’ partner portal