Tenable Nessus – Discover the industry’s most trusted VA solution now on X-OD!

Take advantage of the industry’s most trusted vulnerability assessment solution to assess the modern attack surface


Tenable empowers all organisations to understand their cyber exposure and to reduce the risk in the modern attack surface.

Scarce resources, limited time, a constantly changing attack surface – it’s difficult for security practitioners on the front lines to keep pace with attackers. You need a fast, easy way to proactively find and fix vulnerabilities.

Tenable Nessus provides automatic scan analysis for remediation prioritisation, including web application, cloud environment and mobile device scanning. The Nessus vulnerability scanner line also provides malware protection detection, auditing of control systems and embedded devices, and configuration auditing and compliance checks.

With the rise of connected devices and computer platforms, the cyber attack surface just keeps on growing and shows no signs of slowing down. Simply scanning on-premise IT devices for vulnerabilities is no longer enough.

For partners

As an Exclusive Networks and Tenable partner, you’ll have the opportunity to become a trusted security advisor for all your customers, creating relevance for your security practice. Together we will support you in delivering world-class security solutions while increasing your bottom line.


Contact Exclusive Networks Finland Matias Nikumaa for more information.