Imperva Poised to Deliver its Leading Advanced Bot Protection and Network Security in India

With a presence in India since 2017, Imperva is continuing to provide a level of security excellence in the region. With Asia in general as both the target and source of most network DDoS attacks, and India topping the list for the first time in our latest DDoS threat landscape report, this is more critical than ever.

attacked countries by number of attacks

The top four countries in the categories of number of attacks and the likelihood of being attacked all reside in the East Asia region. India, with the second-largest internet user base in the world, makes up 22.57% of all network attacks.

For application attacks, the team here at Imperva continues to monitor daily attack numbers that peaked in January 2020 and appear to again be trending upward.

Percentage of daily application ddos attacks on india

But it’s important to realize that challenges with legacy infrastructure and a shortage of specific security skill sets in India to combat a changing risk landscape are at odds with the growing attack surface. The need for organizations in India – especially in the ecommerce and digital payments industries – to be equipped with the most effective and efficient cybersecurity is clear.

Imperva is poised to offer precisely that.

The Value We Provide

Our performance in India is top-notch with security that doesn’t equate to increased latency, especially with our investment into our longstanding two PoPs in India – Mumbai and Delhi.

Performance for dynamic delivery shows latency far below other leading CDN platforms, using Dynamic Content Acceleration technology to leverage the high-quality connectivity between Imperva network PoPs. This is especially relevant to the e-commerce, financial services, and gaming industries.

Imperva dynamic CDN

Like all PoPs in our network, Mumbai and Delhi boast our full suite of award-winning protection:

Advanced Bot Protection addresses ALL OWASP Automated Threats without affecting the flow of business critical traffic. New capabilities of Advanced Bot Protection include dynamic deception techniques to make it harder for sophisticated bot operators to access a website or mobile app undetected, as well as easier, faster, and more flexible security deployment.


  • Layer 3/4/7 DDoS mitigation with 24×7 monitoring, guaranteed by an industry-best 3-second DDoS SLA that actually covers any attack that comes your way – not just simple attack vectors
  • Always-on WAF to protect applications and APIs against the OWASP top 10 and beyond, with PCI and SOC certifications
  • Security for your infrastructure, covering subnets and individual IP addresses, and adding new layers of protection over the clean pipes services of ISPs
  • Name server protection for DNS-targeted attacks
  • Integrated Attack Analytics with actionable insights to improve your security posture
  • Runtime Application Self-Protection for security by default from known and zero-day vulnerabilities

Frost & Sullivan 2019 Asia-Pacific Web Application Firewall Vendor of the Year for WAF

Among other distinctions, we’ve even been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a 2019 Asia-Pacific Web Application Firewall Vendor of the Year for WAF.

All these services combined, backed by highly-skilled researchers at Threat Labs make Imperva hands-down the best option for security technology and expertise.