Four reasons why Network security policy automation should be on your portfolio

Networks aren’t getting simpler; the increasing demands from both organisations and external governance’s combined with the modernisation and development of new technologies means that networks are proving difficult to manage.

With some organisations having hundreds of multi-vendor firewalls, thousands of routers and switches, plus private cloud environments, it’s no wonder that being able to remain in control, remain compliant and reduce their attack surface is challenging.

So here’s four reasons why a network security automation solution should naturally be on your portfolio.

  1. Enterprise customers are important to you

Naturally the bigger the organisations, the more complex the network. Enterprise customers unsurprisingly have a multitude of variants on their network, whether it’s hundreds of multi-vendor firewalls, thousands of routers, private clouds, they face the biggest challenges in terms of complete visibility of their network.

  1. Several of your customers must adhere to compliance regulations

Remaining continuously compliant is hugely challenging. Changes to security policies and rules across the network is hard work and if there isn’t an automated solution in place, it means that organisations are having to manually update the changes, which is timely and vulnerable to human error, which can put their compliance status at risk.

  1. You want to be able to implement security segmentation across hybrid environments

With the introduction of cloud environments, hybrid environments have become the new norm. But being able to apply the same security segmentation across both the datacentre and the cloud is challenging. In order to implement the same segmentation policies network and security personnel must apply this manually.

  1. You are struggling to differentiate yourself amongst a crowded reseller landscape

 The reseller landscape is ever evolving and trying to differentiate and stand out, can often be tough. By being able to position a solution that can solve several security and network challenges, regardless of what their network environment looks like, will enable you to do just that.

About Network Security Policy Automation
Tufin – a global leader in network security policy automation – enables organisations to automate their security policy visibility, risk management, provisioning and compliance across their multi-vendor, hybrid environment.

With over 2000 enterprises already using their solutions globally and having recently being recognised as the best cyber-security company of 2020 it’s a no-brainer that Tufin should naturally be on your portfolio, and given their deal sizes range from £100,000 upwards, it’s also lucrative.

To find out how you can deliver more value to your enterprise customers and take a slice of the Network security policy market, get in contact today.