New Logo Incentives for Partner Organisations and Their Reps

The Infoblox Net New Logo Incentive is designed to reward partners on new customer wins approved through Infoblox’s deal registration program, which compliments the existing SPIFF for individual salespeople.

The incentive, which is running until July 31st 2021, aims to incentivise partners, in addition with the current SPIFF, by providing them with additional discounts when they identify a new logo and successful opportunity.

What is a New Logo at Infoblox?

At a glance, a new logo can be any of the below that your Infoblox channel account manager has validated:

  • A New Customer – an organisation with no history of doing business with Infoblox
  • Winback Expired Customer – An organization with expired maintenance for over 3 years
  • A POC CustomerAn organization converted from Proof of Concept within the same fiscal year

As with anything, there are certain exceptions within this incentive. Check with your Infoblox account manager but they will likely include:

  • Government – For national governments, a new logo is determined up to two levels down, e.g., Department of Health and Ministry of Commerce
  • Companies – A company and all subsidiaries globally are generally considered the same logo when they share an identity
  • Public Universities – Public universities in the same educational system may each be considered new logo to Infoblox, e.g., UCLA or UC Davis

Where do I Start?

Not sure where to start when approaching a customer regarding Infoblox? Look out for the 3 opportunities below:

  • Customers with work from home employees – Infoblox extends enterprise-level security to remote locations, including work from home environments
  • Customers with branch offices – BloxOne DDI is the only solution that enables organisations to manage on-premises DDI services in hundreds to thousands of remote and branch locations from the cloud
  • Possibility to influence your customers security strategy – Infoblox provides foundational security for gaining efficiencies

Please see below for a summary of the key details and time frames to remember regarding the incentive:


For more information please contact Pete Rogers, the Infoblox Product Sales Specialist at Exclusive Networks.

Alternatively, click here to go to the Infoblox Partner Activation Toolkit where you will find everything there is to know about the incentives running and how to position the sale to the end-user.