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Vectra CognitoTM is the solution allowing you to find and stop attackers within your network. The solution uses artificial intelligence to deliver visibility into attacks in real time and to publicize the details and the path used by a given attack. Combining advanced machining learning techniques with behavioural analysis allows Vectra CognitoTM to efficiently find hidden or unknown attackers before they have done irreversible damage.

Vectra therefore allows you to:

  • Find active attackers within your network
  • Automate security investigations in order to have appropriate and effective responses
  • Persistently track threats at every phase of an attack
  • Monitor all traffic – internal and internet
  • Monitor all types of machines, operating systems and IoTs
  • Secure all infrastructure, physical and virtual
  • Integrate the solution with market leading solutions SIEMs, firewalls, NAC and Endpoints


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